Friday, March 19, 2010

"The Great Catholic Cover-Up"

Excellent article by the anti-theist pugilist extraordinaire Christopher Hitchens on
The extent of the corruption and child abuse in the Catholic church (among others) and, moreover, the lack of interference by our judicial bodies, exposes the extent to which religion is still, sadly, above the law of man--the only law we have--and know that they are. That a disgusting child-abusing maniac holds the highest religious office in the world, rather than holding the bars of a prison cell, shows how morally bankrupt the institutions of religion are. And to think, this is the man that is to be forgiving our sins for us....


  1. Love the picture you have up here? Was that one you put together? I am highly amused.

  2. No, unfortunately, it was not my work of art: I found it on the net.