Saturday, June 5, 2010

Islamic Anti-Semitism

I just found this article (,1518,553724,00.html) in the German magazine Der Spiegel on growing Anti-Semitism amongst the Muslim population in Germany and elsewhere. Some of the incidents are simply stunning: for example, Kuentzel cites a case where a group of Muslim students, on a trip to Auschwitz, stood in front of one of the gas chambers and applauded; or radio programs broadcast widely that invite Muslim children to kill Jews in the name of Allah.
The argument is often made that we cannot judge a religion, Islam in this case, based upon a radicalized fraction of its constituents. This would be a valid argument if it weren't for the fact that this fraction are not radicalized: they are the ones actually obeying the dictates of the religion, that is to say, they are simply the truly religious ones. The others are tolerant in spite of their religion, not because of it. The same is true of the other monotheistic religions. The true Christians are those blowing up abortion clinics, fighting for superstitious nonsense to be taught in public education facilities as a "competing theory" with evolution, and fighting to have all homosexuals institutionalized.
Religion is, in its very structure, its fiber, and originating source--the so-called holy books--immoral and corrupt. The holy books of the monotheistic religions are the source of their structural organization: these are the very books that contain injunctions to commit some of the most evil acts that have been committed by human animals and continue to be committed, and will continue to be until the religions themselves are destroyed.

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